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20th floor, City Tower, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M13 4BT

10 locations - Veeno Italian Wine Cafe's across the UK for fab Wine Tasting Experiences

Enjoy the Veeno Experience at anytime, whether for 2 people or 10 it's up to you!

In the spring of 2013 two Italian guys in their twenties met in Manchester to find out that they shared a unique passion; they both loved and missed, the Italian Aperitivo, the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work.

Veeno runs 10 locations across the country with provenance and quality at the heart of each. The Wine Tasting Experience offered is called ‘A Trip To Sicily’. All wines are introduced by a Barista who will take care of you, explaining the various labels and explaining which authentic spuntini (appetisers) best complements each wine. Your Barista will leave you in between your wines to enjoy the experience at your leisure.

The great thing about Veeno's Wine Tasting experience is that you can go anytime, whether a party of 2 or 10 people, and just enjoy eating, drinking and relaxing. A real authentic taste of Italy in the UK!

Much of Veeno's wines come from the Caruso & Minini vineyard back in Sicily where great-grandfather Antonio planted the first vines in the XIX century. They also serve Moroder Wines, some family produced wines by their friends and winemakers from the Marche region.

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