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Spice Kitchen

22 Newquay Close , Walsall , West Midlands, WS5 3EP

Produce: Spice Blend Gift Sets and Tea Blend Gift Sets.

If you are on the hunt for some amazing spices to kick your dishes up a level (or two), Spice Kitchen are sure to abide. 

Spice Kitchen specialise in producing small batch, freshly ground spice blends and tea blends. They source the freshest raw spices from around the world, hand-blend, hand-roast and hand-grind them to authentic recipes, and then send them every day to customers and stockists around the UK. 

With the exceptional quality of their products, it's no surprise that Spice Kitchen have won 4 Great Taste awards and recently won the 2018 Gift of the Year award. The impeccable range of Spices available from all over the globe mean that customers are almost certain to be adorant with any order from Spice Kitchen from the moment they get a whiff of the Spices coming through their letterbox. 

Spice Kitchen are also well known for their spice tins, known in India as 'Masala Dabba's'. These shiny stainless steel tins imported from India contain 7 separate containers for easy access to the myriad of spices that you will need to create perfectly blended dishes. They have various collections including the popular Indian set, Moroccan set, African & Middle Eastern set, Chilli Set, Sea Salts and Loose Tea set!

Along with running a very busy business, Spice Kitchen also support several charities, the main one being FRANK Water who build sustainable water projects in India and Nepal. 


Spring Fair Gift Awards Gift of the Year 2018 -  Indian Spice Tin with 10 Spices and Handmade Silk Sari Giftwrap 

4 Great Taste Awards 

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