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Unit 52, Luck Farm, Vicarage Lane, Burwash Common, East Sussex, TN19 7LP

Produce: Organic Fruit and Vegetables.

They strive to deliver the freshest local produce possible to their customers. They often collect produce from farms on the same day that that they deliver, making sure that you only get the best available.

Simply Veg source great value, fresh vegetables from farms mainly in Sussex, Kent and Surrey and deliver them to your door.

There is very little that can beat fresh seasonal vegetables for taste, or for that matter freshness! The local veg that they provide in their Seasonal Veg boxes is picked the day before or the same day it is delivered, travelling only a few miles to get to you, in prime condition.

Understanding the need for choice, as well as the desire for surprise, they welcome customers requesting specific vegetables in their veg box, either as a one-off or regular occurrence.

Owner Elena Heathwood began Simply - Veg in 2010 from a love of growing her own vegetables, and a yearning for a simple business. Like many of us, she always found wilted vegetables in the supermarket sad and uninspiring, and greengrocers always seemed expensive.

The idea of buying fresh market produce and delivering veg boxes to customers the very same day culiminated in a first week of trading having just 5 customers and she has never looked back.

So, if you are lucky enough to live within Elena’s delivery area then MasterChef Gift Card strongly recommend you try her wonderful, fresh veg…you’ll never want supermarket veg again!

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