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Unit 7, New Lairdship Yrds, Edinburgh, East Lothian, EH11 3UY

Produce: Range of Seasonings and spices

The Spices and Seasonings are packed full of ‘funky’ flavour and will transform any meal into a taste sensation.… the organic ingredience which is specially selected by Tim, can be sure to add a touch of magic to your food.

If you want to conjure up a magical gourmet meal then you need the ultimate seasoning to enhance the taste and to create a more vibrant flavour.

Throw away your everyday salt and pepper pots and reach for some artisan seasoning.

At Flavourmagic, they provide a range of high quality seasonings that work in harmony with your food to enhance the natural flavours, whilst at the same time giving your special meal a tasty gourmet kick.

Their mission is to offer a selection of premium speciality rock salts and spices, with an emphasis on quality and taste.

Self-confessed ‘long haired hippy’ and all round good guy, Tim Comber founded Flavourmagic in 2012 after realising most other seasonings were quite dull and fell short of his high, culinary expectations.

As a professional chef from New Zealand (who has made many appearances on TV), Tim wanted to produce seasoning that would transform a standard recipe into a meal fit for a Kiwi.

He now works his magic from his artisan kitchen in Edinburgh, where he uses his culinary skills to create seasonings that can be used to enhance all types of oils, soups, sauces and marinades.

His Rock Salt Infusions and spice blends come in a variety of fantastic ‘funky flavours’ including garlic, chili, piri piri, smoked and many more, although the exact ingredience are a closely guarded secret known only by the man from down under.

Tim is also an eco-warrior ensuring the ingredients are ethically sourced and his packaging is bio degradable.


Great Taste Awards – Rock Salt – 2 Star - 2017

Great Taste Awards – Rock Salt – 2 Star - 2016

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